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Deluxe Wireless Led Wall Lamp The Perfect Characteristic Of Your Garden!

Deluxe Wireless Led Wall Lamp The Perfect Characteristic Of Your Garden!

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Enlighten your garden or under drawing!

Do you think your party or your terrace is a little too dark and can it use additional room lighting? You don't want to cultivate your garden and put gel points? It is now a thing of the past with our LEDSOLAR walls which work entirely with solar energy! Create a fantastic atmosphere with these high quality LED solar wall lights from Inspector Gadget.


Unique to this product:

Lights/turns off automatically: as soon as it is black, the lights light up automatically.

No wiring required: get rid of all electric cables!

Environmental respectful: The wall lamp is automatically recharged via sunlight/solar energy!

Ambient lighting: thanks to modern white colors, your garden will be even more atmosphere!

Burglarous prevention: dissuades non -invited visitors.

Because the LED solar wall lamp works for solar energy, you don't need to telegram cables in your garden, so you can move them easily to the desired location at any time. Thanks to the small solar panels, these sconces are responsible for themselves. This means that you do not have additional costs for batteries or food. In addition, you do well for the environment!

These LED Solar wall lights are equipped with a single solar panel where they charge their battery (600mAh Li-ion battery) in about 6-8 hours during the day and according to this will give light for up to 10 hours a day as soon as dusk falls, They automatically switch on and off and thus work wherever the sun shines! They are 100% waterproof (IP65) and you can leave them outside all summer, even if it rains one time!

Where is the luxury LED solar lamp kit?

  • LED solar luminous sticks (2/4/8 pieces)
  • Dimensions: 7,5 x 10 cm
  • Burn until ten hours a day
  • IP65 watermark
  • Bouton ON / OFF
  • Manuel


- First load the LED solar wall lamp for two days in direct sunlight. Preferably five full hours.

- Make sure the switch is on so that the debate can recharge.

- Place the wall lamp well in a place where the sun is shining. The more sun, the more the lamps are bright. The lamp also works well with little sun, so also perfect for fall/winter.

Our guarantee:

Discover for yourself the advantages of wireless solar wall lights. You don't like the product as much as you hoped? So contact us directly. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, if you are not satisfied, we will help you as soon as possible!

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Deluxe Wireless Led Wall Lamp The Perfect Characteristic Of Your Garden!