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Multifunctional Electric Test Pen

Multifunctional Electric Test Pen

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  • Self-test function
    During the self-test before use, hold the pen tip with one hand and lightly touch the end of the pen with the other hand. The light indicates that the test pen is normal and the power is sufficient. No light indicates that the battery needs to be replaced.

  • Automatic recognition
    As long as it is near the insulation layer of the cable, the plastic cover of the electrical appliance, etc. when the light is switched on, this means that the line is live. The brighter the light, the higher the voltage of the circuit under test.

  • Find stop
    Hold the bottom of the pin with one hand and the tip of the pin touches the wire. It can be used to find breakpoints in everyday household appliances such as rice cookers, computers and power strips.

  • DC detection
    Touch the bottom of the pen with one hand, touch the tip of the pen to the positive terminal of the battery and the other hand to the negative terminal of the battery. When the light is on, the battery is fully charged.
  • Waterproof
    The pen is equipped with a bright LED light that is an obvious reminder even during the day. More importantly, it is waterproof so you can work normally outdoors.


  • Colour: as shown in the picture

  • Package Contents: 1* Multifunctional Electric Test Pen


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Multifunctional Electric Test Pen