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🔥Huge discounts🔥High pressure toilet unblock a shot!

🔥Huge discounts🔥High pressure toilet unblock a shot!

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High pressure piston! The high pressure piston uses the force of compressed air (0-8psi) to quickly blow out the blockage. The blockage can be blown out of the pipe in seconds. Faster and more effective than traditional plungers, toilet worms and toilet screw!

Pneumatic piston

This high-pressure toilet plunger adopts a sliding ABS plastic handle, no need to worry about deformation and rust, coupled with the ergonomic design, the force-receiving area is large and the grip is comfortable. It can squeeze more air pressure. It is reusable and can last for years. Flexible handles and a drive button for easy operation, never have to call a plumber or use harsh chemicals.

Clear the clogged toilet quickly

The pushing air pressure of a toilet plunger heavy duty can reach a max of 120psi, helping to blast the blockage in just a few seconds. Lighter and effective than a toilet screw. (Make sure the movement of blowing up is fast and continuous)

Easy and fast

The air flask for the toilet is easy to install and use. If you worry about splashing water when using, cover a transparent film, then tear it off immediately after use.

Broad application

With high resistance sealing plunger head: Toilets head, washstand head, sewer pipe head and sink,it is suitable for dredging various pipes, toilets, floor drains, bathrooms, sinks, wash basins, vegetable basins, drainage pipes, etc. It can deal with various blockages caused by different debris, such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease and oil.


Material: ABS 

Color: Orange red

Product size: 67*11.5cm

Product weight: 345g

Package includes: 1 * High-pressure toilet unblocking a bulkhead

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🔥Huge discounts🔥High pressure toilet unblock a shot!